Rental Terms and conditions

These are the terms and condtions for the purpose of a short term rental of equipment between the signer of this document, herein after referred to as “Renter”, and High Energy Lighting,  operating under the brand name

High Energy Lighting maintains full ownership of all rented equipment.

Renter assumes full responsibility for the care of the rented equipment from the time it leaves Platinum MixProductions, Inc. property until it is returned and checked in by an agent of High Energy Lighting.

Agreed upon due date is seven (7) days after event date specified on this agreement.Failure to return rented equipment by the due date will incur daily rental rates of $5 per each light.

Renter agrees to full financial responsibility should rental equipment and/or any of the components parts or supplies be stolen, lost, damaged, or altered in any way. Renter’s signature on this document authorizes High Energy Lighting to bill the cost of repair/replacement equipment and any and all late charges to Renter’s credit card.

Renter understands that these are indoor lights only. They cannot get wet or dirty. Using the lights outside is a major fire hazard. High Energy Lighting is not responsible for any fire caused by improper usage.

In the event a light does not work when you receive it, please email customer service to receive a refund upon return. Replacement lights are not shipped out. Refunds are not given for improper usage or claim of ignorance on the proper set-up, usage and operation.

Platinum Mix Productions, Inc reserves the right to cancel any reservation at any time for any reason. Any money paid will be refunded back to the most recent credit card on file if your reservation is cancelled.

Renter has received and understands any necessary instruction on the proper set-up and usage of rented equipment and understands the conditions that cause failure or damage. Renter’s acceptance waives any claim of ignorance on the proper set-up and usage of rented equipment.

Renter assumes full and total liability/responsibility for the use of this equipment.